GDB 65.0 Wrap Up: Put Your Hands Up for Detroit

March 04 2017 11:05PM

WE'RE GOING STREAKING! Final Score: 4-3 Oilers

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March 04 2017 12:00PM

The change in the weather in our northern town today reflects perfectly the position of the Edmonton Oilers—it has been a dynamic winter for the young lions who wear the Oildrop. For the citizens of this city we know and love, it has changed our world, even to the point of making shovelling snow happy work. There was a time when a visit from the Red Wings meant certain doom, but this version of the Oilers holds the hammer. Rain down blows up the winged wheel, young Oilers. The fan base is ready to make some noise! Goodbye sadness, step off melancholy, let the good times roll. We want 10! Before the third period!

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Nation World HQ
March 04 2017 10:00AM

Spy vs Spy ON

The Detroit Red Wings are in Edmonton tonight to face the Oilers for their final matchup of the season, and we've asked writers from both OilersNation and WingsNation to get you set for tonight's matchup. We've also put together a few notes to get you ready for the final time these two teams will meet this year. 

Please note that this article is posted at both OilersNation and WingsNation

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The Good and Bad of Trade Deadline Week: Metropolitan Division

Cam Lewis
March 04 2017 07:00AM


This is a four-part division by division look at what each team did at Wednesday's trade deadline. Who did good and who did bad?  

The Capitals are going all in on their closing window of opportunity, but they'll have to get past the Penguins, who made nice, low-key additions to their depleted blue line. The Islanders yet again did nothing at the deadline, the Rangers and Blue Jackets both made minor additions, the Flyers made an odd move taking a big cap hit off Tampa Bay's hands, and the Devils and Hurricanes sold what they could. 

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March 03 2017 08:34PM

slepyshev williams2

Anton Slepyshev and several young Oilers received a big opportunity when Peter Chiarelli chose to make just one major move at the deadline. PC protected himself a little on the wing with a minor transaction, but the final 18 games (and playoffs) are going to be a chance to gain traction on regular employment for a few prospects. As Oilers fans, we have seen it before. Who is most likely to win a regular job? All photos by Mark Williams, all rights reserved.

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