Two out of two shirtless Oil fans agree: Oilers beat the Canucks 5-4 in a shootout!

November 21 2007 09:56AM

Take that Lotus land. The Mighty Oil will spot you a two goal lead. And blow it. Twice. And you can buy off the refs—that won't matter. Tonight, the breaks belonged to the Oil for once.

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November 21 2007 12:36AM

An oil win! Huzzah, lambs!

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Legendary Actor Mickey Rourke revealed to be father of Allan Rourke

November 20 2007 11:18AM


OilersNation, Alberta—Deep in the underground OilersNation laboratory, teams of scientists working around the clock have confirmed that actor Mickey Rourke, star of over 49 movies including SinCity, is the biological father of Oilers defenceman Allan Rourke.

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We need a flaming-shopping-cart win

November 19 2007 10:57PM

by Matthew "I'd rather be" Eaton

Cooked fish

I'm up late again drinking coffee and staring out the window. I can't sleep knowing my team is sitting in last place. I'm starting to forget what it was like when I looked at this year’s roster and thought about more burning shopping carts on Whyte Ave. I had the cart all picked out too. It's here in the living room. I should probably take it back.

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Stauffer misses boat: Oilers fans see storm warning on the horizon

November 19 2007 02:01PM


Bob Stauffer has written a witty piece over at asking why the Oilers Nation is all over Danny Maciocia and is leaving MacT and K-Lowe alone during the Oilers woes.

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