Laurent Brossoit: Not a Bust

Cat Silverman
August 22 2016 09:00AM

Laurent Brossoit is under a lot of pressure, it seems. 

The Edmonton Oilers have seen a rotating carousel of number one goaltenders over the last, oh, decade or so - and none of them have particularly worked out in the team's favor. It seems, even, that the last few years have seen the team go through goaltenders faster than they've gone through head coaches. 

Think about it: name an Oilers goalie from the last five years who didn't lose his starting gig to someone else at some point during the year to just try and salvage the team. 

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Ten Reasons Why Jordan Eberle Should Be The Next Captain

Cat Silverman
July 28 2016 09:00AM

Here are the top ten reasons that Jordan Eberle will make the perfect Oilers captain. 

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Jordan Eberle: A Right Wing Love Story

Cat Silverman
July 25 2016 09:00AM

Sup, Oilers Nation? I'm here to let you in on a little secret today: 

Jordan Eberle isn't elite. 

Wanna know another secret, though? It totally, absolutely does not matter

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Seven Oilers You Miss (But Probably Shouldn't)

Cat Silverman
July 23 2016 07:00AM

The Edmonton Oilers have had a lot of pretty forgettable players over the last decade. 

That's resulted in a lot of irrational cult love. 

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What Will We Get From the Monster? A Look At Jonas Gustavsson

Cat Silverman
July 13 2016 10:14AM

What's up, OilersNation? Emergency recall goalie Cat Silverman here, now on an OilersNation Standard Player Contract, to talk to you guys about Jonas Gustavsson a bit!

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