GDB 43: Wild thing

January 15 2009 04:19PM

We had to laugh. We had four emails and texts today from buddies who asked us what is wrong with the Nation.

"Oh is it down?" we asked. "Our shared server has been crashing lately." To our suprise this wasn't the case at all.

"No, no the site is up." our buddy replied. "It's just nothing has been written on it and it's 3pm. What's the deal? How am I supposed to waste time at work?"

That's rich.

For the first eight months that the Nation was around we were proud if we wrote every day. Then we started getting the team together and there are some days we have five separate articles. Even if the team sucks people still love their Oilers. Now we have people who actually want to read something on a more regular schedule. We shall attempt to meet your terrorist demands fellas. Our apologies.

Real News

Oilers and Wild play tonight. As unhappy as some of us may be in the Nation there is one thing we can hang our hat on. No matter how many mediocre games are delivered stone cold to our door by the Oilers Crap Pizza Corporation, we can all agree that we share in some common good fortune as fans of The Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club:

At least we aren't paying a fall-down like Gaborik that kind of dough for that kind of performance.

He's how talented?

How often does he get injured?

What are some of his shady "injuries?"

You offered him how much money? For how many years? And he turned it down?


Go Oil.

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