Missing Person Alert: Jarrett Stoll

December 17 2007 02:46PM


Where is this guy? Look at him there in his picture. Moppy head of hair, cocky grin. His play, while not terrible, hardly measures up to the Stollian standards of bygone days. I remember when he and Raffi Torres were the young guns on this team. Shooting, smiling and scoring - both on and off the ice.

Has he checked out? Is he wanting a trade closer to LA and Rachel Hunter? Is it post-concussion syndrome?

Man, you don’t even hear him in the post-game media comments anymore. We were willing to give Stoll the benefit of the doubt, but the numbers are starting to look pretty bad:

2005-2006 82 Games 22 goals 46 Assists for 68 points. +4

2007-2008 Pro-rated stats 81 Games 7 goals 25 Assists for 32 points. -27

-27? 32 points?


This is our boy! This is Jarret Stoll, the guy they used to basically GIVE every faceoff to. He used to run people through the boards during warmup! He was going to be the next captain, the next franchise!

Come back 2005-2006 Stoll. You're greatly missed.

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#1 Wingman
December 17 2007, 03:40PM
Trash it!

Its a weird scenario - he doesnt seem to have the fire anymore. I hope its not concussion problems. At least it is his contract option year.

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